Make your own unique pictures with coloured sand.  A creative & fun activity for the whole family.


Welcome to UK SandArt by Idea Factory, Home of Quality Sand Art

Here you will discover in just a few easy steps how to become an instant Sand Artist. There are more than 160 unique designs and 21 bright colours for young and old to choose from. Amaze yourself and your friends with beautiful Sand Art pictures that will last forever.


An easy craft with incredible results

There is no need to use messy glue, because the adhesive is already on the pre-cut cards. You just start by peeling an area of the picture and then pour coloured sand, which will stick to the card. Peel the next area, pour a different colour and repeat the process until the card is completely coloured. The end result is a beautiful and brightly coloured picture that is unique and will last forever. Sandart works well so that even young children can do it without getting frustrated. We recommend Sandart for ages 4 & up. Younger children can participate too, though they may need help with lifting the paper, but enjoy peeling & colouring.

See the “How to” page for an illustration of how to do SandArt.

Amazing Fun

SandArt is easy enough for the younger ones and also challenging enough for adults. Once you start mixing colours and experiment with different techniques, the possibilities are endless. Not only is SandArt fun but it is educational too.

Early childhood development

Besides being loads of fun, SandArt is also very educational and helps with the following:

  • Creativity
  • Imagination
  • Fine motor skills
  • Concentration
  • Logical thinking
  • Midline crossing
  • Confidence

Safety of the product

The Idea Factory has an ongoing commitment to quality assurance and service. Sandart conforms to the CE regulation. The product has been tested and meets the requirements corresponding with the EU (European Union) guidelines. Sandart conforms to BS EN 71-1,2,3 and AS/NZS ISO-8124 safety standards.

The quality & grain size of the sand is very important. We use high quality quarry sand that is a fine, consistent grain & does not contain any organic materials. It gets washed & coloured with water based colours using our proprietary methods & quality control to ensure that it is a non-toxic & completely safe product.

Please note:

To protect the good name and products of SandArt and to ensure the quality of the finished product is not compromised only our fine quality SANDART sand can be used with our quality SANDART pictures.